• Autonomous

    A fully autonomous vehicle is one that is able to perform all driving functions without human intervention. Exactly like what we’re building at Zoox.

  • Bidirectional

    Being able to drive both forwards and backwards equally well. This unique functionality provides our purpose-built vehicle with greater maneuverability than a car, which will come in handy when taking riders from A to B in dense urban areas.

  • Computer Vision

    Computer vision is a field of AI that enables our vehicles to better understand their surroundings. High-resolution cameras provide images of the environment to software that interprets patterns, shapes, and colors, enabling our vehicles to “see” what’s going on around them.

  • Designed from the ground up

    The full realization of autonomous mobility requires a vehicle that is purpose-built for AI to drive and humans to enjoy. Designing from the ground up allows us to give our riders a tailored and intuitive experience with everything they need and nothing they don’t.

  • Electric

    At Zoox, we’re working towards a future with fewer gas-powered cars on the road by developing an all-electric, purpose-built vehicle designed for ridehailing and ridesharing.

  • Four-wheel Steering

    We’ve built four-wheel steering into our purpose-built vehicle. This unique engineering feature enables it to pull in and out of tight spaces without the need for parallel parking. More movement = more maneuverability.

  • Geofence

    A virtual boundary for a real-world geographic area. Zoox maps the area within the geofence which enables our autonomous vehicles to understand their location and in turn safely and effectively get from A to B.

    Learn more about how we are putting our robots on the map
  • Highlander

    Our test fleet of Toyota Highlanders are retrofitted with an almost identical sensor configuration to our purpose-built vehicle and are currently driving autonomously around SF, Las Vegas, and Seattle.

    Get to know our autonomous test fleet
  • Innovation

    We’ve designed and invented unique safety innovations to ensure that our vehicles protect riders and other road users. In fact, our purpose-built vehicle has more than 100 safety innovations that aren’t found in standard cars.

    Learn more on our safety page
  • Join us!

    We’re always looking for passionate and talented individuals to help us build the future of urban mobility.

    Check out our careers page
  • Kilowatt

    Our robotaxi is powered by a 133 kWh battery, one of the largest batteries in an electric vehicle. This enables our fleet to operate for more than 16 hours on a single charge.

  • Lidar

    Zoox vehicles rely on camera, radar, and lidar to ‘see’ their surroundings. Lidars are powerful sensors that fire millions of laser signals per second, reflecting off objects and returning to the vehicle to create a highly-accurate 3D model of the environment.

    Learn more about our sensor suite
  • Mapping

    Just like other road users, Zoox vehicles need a map to follow. And every map starts with data. We gather our data first-hand using our Toyota Highlanders before our mapping teams transform it into a high-definition 3D map.

  • No single point of failure

    Our purpose-built vehicle is engineered with the design objective to eliminate single points of failure in safety-critical systems including sensors, steering and driving controls, and power supply.

    Learn more on our safety page
  • On demand ride hailing

    Did you know that we only use our cars about 4% of the time, leaving them sitting idle and depreciating 96% of the time? Zoox is designed for ride-hailing instead of ownership. You won’t be able to buy one, but you will be able to hail one to take you from A to B.

  • Passenger Protection

    We believe all riders deserve equal protection. The Zoox robotaxi is equipped with identical safety for all passengers, including a unique airbag and seatbelt system.

  • Quadrant Design

    Each corner of our robotaxi is the same. This unique approach minimizes the parts required for manufacturing, simplifies the assembly process, and results in a streamlined vehicle built for maneuverability.

  • Riders

    Zoox is designed to get you from A to B in dense urban environments. We can’t wait to give you a ride!

  • Sensors

    Zoox vehicles use a state-of-the-art range of sensors including cameras, radar, lidar, and long-wave infrared to understand their location in the world and navigate safely.

    Learn more about our sensor suite
  • Teleguidance

    If a Zoox vehicle encounters a situation it’s not able to navigate on its own, it will signal to our TeleGuidance team, who will provide a suggested route for the vehicle to autonomously navigate.

    Learn more about how we provide remote assistance
  • User Experience

    Our robotaxi is designed to ensure you have a great experience, every time you ride. Everything you need is at your fingertips – choose a song, control the temperature, check your ETA, and enjoy the ride.

  • Vision

    The Zoox vision is to transform mobility-as-a-service by developing a fully-autonomous, purpose-built fleet of robotaxis designed for AI to drive and riders to enjoy.

  • Wheel

    The Zoox robotaxi has a unique wheel design featuring 4-spoke alloy rims. 4 spokes, 4 seats, and 4 sensor pods… we like our symmetry at Zoox.

  • Xooz

    X is for XOOZ. Reversing is so 2022! We took the hassle away by making our robotaxi completely symmetrical and bidirectional.

  • You

    No driving means less stress — and more time to get things done in a spacious, comfortable cabin. Our ride-hailing experience is designed for YOU. Our riders will be able to personalize their journey, with music, temperature, and wireless charging.

  • Zooxanthellae

    Ever wondered where the name “Zoox” originated? It’s inspired by Zooxanthellae: a solar-powered algae-like organism that provides an essential source of energy to support coral reef ecosystems. Similarly, Zoox is an all-electric mobility service that will operate in dense urban environments while maintaining balance with the environment.