Built for riders,
not drivers

Mobility designed
around you

We’re reinventing personal transportation—making the future safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable for everyone. It's on-demand autonomous ride-hailing.

Let Zoox handle the traffic, while you enjoy a smooth, relaxing ride in a spacious cabin designed around you.

Every seat is the
best seat in the house

Each rider gets the same comfort, space, and technology. (And no one has to squeeze in behind a driver.)

Stands up to a lot of sitting down

Premium materials that look and feel good, day after day.

Recharge while you ride

Set your coffee down, or top-up your phone with wireless charging. Travel in comfort, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Personalize your ride

Check your arrival time, location, and route any time—and set the music and air exactly the way you want them.

Your space between
here and there

With Zoox, you get your own time and space to use as you like.