Sustainability from scratch

Sustainability is core to our mission. Our vehicle is all-electric, producing no emissions as it takes you from A to B. More importantly, it’s designed to make living without a car more attainable for millions of people in the near future.

This is crucial. Manufacturing a new car can produce as much carbon as driving it—and traffic congestion can increase urban driving emissions by 40%¹. Owning and driving fewer cars may be our fastest route to cutting the quarter of global emissions that currently come from transportation. Zoox isn’t just a cleaner vehicle; it’s part of an inherently more sustainable transportation system.

This work begins at home. Our crew is working hard to make our offices and operations more sustainable, both today and tomorrow, while we build the ecosystem that enables others to do the same.

Transparency in our sustainability efforts

We are proud to be part of The Climate Pledge, a commitment to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement deadline.

The Pledge, which was co-founded by Amazon, is a way to hold ourselves accountable. It means we’ll regularly measure and report on our greenhouse gas emissions as we move forward.

We believe technology and transportation companies have a special responsibility when it comes to sustainability, to create an ecosystem that empowers millions of people to lead sustainable lives. But this work starts at home, with our own operations and emissions.

What we’re doing now

We’ve already started working towards this 2040 goal, as well as our wider ambitions to make personal transportation sustainable.

  • We embedded sustainability in our vision from day one.
  • In 2019 and 2020, we purchased renewable energy credits (RECs) that lowered our net emissions from electricity usage to zero.
  • We proudly support various coalitions and initiatives that aim to accelerate climate action:
  • We’ve launched a range of programs to support sustainability at our offices and beyond, including
    • Recycling and composting programs
    • Sourcing sustainable materials for our office interiors
    • Mass transit and alternative transportation options for our crew
    • Opting for reusable dinnerware and glasses to minimize our single-use water bottles

What comes next

As Zoox evolves, we’ll carry on pushing ourselves and our supply chain to be more sustainable. This includes:

  • Working to lower our overall greenhouse gas emissions and aligning ourselves with partners who prioritize sustainability
  • Battery recycling and second-life programs
  • Responsible, sustainable sourcing of minerals

Preserving our planet is a core goal of Zoox, informing what we do today and the plans we make for tomorrow. That’s not going to change. Because if the future of transportation isn’t sustainable, then it isn’t really the future of transportation.


(1) Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2008