The way we get around is broken

Zoox was founded in 2014. From the start, we had a clear goal: to make personal transportation safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable.

It’s worth reminding ourselves of the status quo. Right now:

  • We each spend 97 hours a year sitting in commuter traffic¹
  • 28% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation²
  • 1.4 million people die in car crashes every year³

This isn’t just a problem. It’s a crisis. The transportation system on which we all rely isn’t fit for the 21st century.

Now consider the alternative. You get those 97 hours back. You don’t inhale exhaust fumes as you walk through the city. And each year, we save millions of lives.

Zoox exists because we’d much, much rather live in that world.

Starting from scratch

The switch to autonomous vehicles is a once-in-a-century opportunity to rethink personal transportation. It’s as big as the switch from the horse and carriage to the automobile.

When we revealed Zoox at the end of last year, you got a glimpse of what this approach means: a truly purpose-built robotaxi. All-electric. Bidirectional. Powered by advanced AI. And designed for riders, not drivers.

One mission, one team

Everyone at Zoox is working on the same project. Our entire team— more than 1,000 people and counting—comes to work each day to create autonomous mobility from the ground up. Because we know that it will truly change the world.

You can feel it when you step inside our HQ or meet any one of us. We live and breathe the Zoox mission. And we won’t stop until we achieve it.

The future of transportation is shared

Zoox isn’t just about solving the problem of car use. It’s also designed to solve the problem of car ownership.

The average person’s car is only used 4% of the time. That means that 96% of the time, it sits idle in a driveway or parking lot,⁴ taking up space and depreciating, too.

It’s a huge waste of resources.

Today, nearly a third of all city traffic is people searching for parking.⁵ We’ve given over acres of our cities to parking, and we all still spend hours and hours searching for a spot.

Ride-hailing is a core part of Zoox. Not just because it’s good business, but because we believe it’s the right model for the future of urban mobility.

What this all means for you

It’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t exist yet. Conversations about the future of transportation can feel abstract, or make us think of flying cars and teleporters.

The truth is, the way we get around will fundamentally change starting in the next few years. 

What will Zoox mean for you?

  • A viable way to live without owning a car
  • A ride whenever you need it
  • Cities and streets with less congestion, less pollution, and more space
  • Safer streets, whether you’re riding in a Zoox or simply sharing the road

Now we’ve lifted the lid on Zoox, we can’t wait to tell you more about the progress we’re making.

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