At Zoox, you’ll collaborate with a team of world-class engineers with diverse backgrounds in areas such as AI, robotics, machine learning, localization, computer vision, and simulation. You’ll master new technologies while working on code, algorithms, and research in your area of expertise to create and refine key systems and move Zoox forward.

We are looking for individuals with experience in testing audio subsystems to work with the signal processing team at Zoox. You will work on developing end-to-end systems for our audio hardware systems. You will be expected to work closely with our perception, HMI and sensor teams to develop testing methodologies and hardening the acoustics performance for a seamless audio and perception experience.


  • BS or MS in a relevant degree (CS/CE, EE, ME etc.)
  • Minimum of 4 years of industry experience in performing acoustics testing and measurements under automotive, cellular, transducer development or related industry
  • You’ll be responsible for planning, developing, prototyping and executing tests on Zoox audio hardware and software systems. 
  • The ideal candidate is expected to possess a deep understanding of audio testing methodologies and how audio hardware and software relate to each other
  • This involves the ability to develop audio quality metrics using objective evaluation techniques and tools including PESQ and/or POLQA
  • The ideal candidate needs to be experienced with standard acoustic testing equipment
  • The candidate is expected to be experienced in Shell scripting and Software development skills, in C/C++, Python and/or Matlab
  • As an Audio Test Engineer you will work with manufacturing and procurement teams to design rigs to test/prototype audio hardware
  • You will help develop and support end of the line (EoL) transducer validation algorithms and metrics
  • Additionally, you’ll help validate Audio Signal Processing algorithms used in the Zoox robot under diverse environment conditions such as reverberation, wind and other background noises
  • You’ll work with the hardware teams to help prototype and validate environmental noise mitigation techniques (hardware and algorithmic) using systematic objective and subjective performance metrics

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience in acoustic measurement standards, transducer characterization (microphones/speakers) and design of various audio tests that will be performed in-house/outside parties 
  • Experience with hardware bring-up and debugging
  • Experience in one or more of areas related to acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction, speech enhancement and speech/audio coding and compression
  • Additional responsibilities include supporting audio quality measurements and beamforming performance of directional speaker/microphone arrays
  • Knowledge of real time audio processing frameworks, audio preprocessing algorithms such as noise suppression, echo cancellation and other environmental noise mitigation techniques is a plus
  • Audio Test Engineer will support algorithm development as needed
About Zoox

Zoox is developing the first ground-up, fully autonomous vehicle fleet and the supporting ecosystem required to bring this technology to market. Sitting at the intersection of robotics, machine learning, and design, Zoox aims to provide the next generation of mobility-as-a-service in urban environments. We’re looking for top talent that shares our passion and wants to be part of a fast-moving and highly execution-oriented team.

A Final Note:
You do not need to match every listed expectation to apply for this position. Here at Zoox, we know that diverse perspectives foster the innovation we need to be successful, and we are committed to building a team that encompasses a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and skills.